• Entries

    The registration for the 2017 International PRO-AM Dance Festival “Red Square Stars” is open.

    Don’t miss the chance to save 5% on Entries during the EARLY BIRD period till 01 February 2017!

    Deadline for Entries: 7 May 2017. Registrations received after 7 May are subject to an additional fee of  3500.- RUB. The organizers reserve the right to close the registration when the maximum number of participants is reached.

    Entry fees

    till 25.04.17 from 26.04.17
    Single dances: 1600.- rub (1920.- rub)
    Multi dances: 2 dances 3200.- rub (3840.-rub)
    Multi dances: 3 dances 4600.- rub (5520.-rub)
    Multi dances: 4 dances 6000.- rub (7200.-rub)
    Multi dances: 5 dances 7500.- rub (9000.-rub)
    Scholarships: 10000.- rub (12000.-rub)
    9 & 10 dances Champs 13000.- rub (15600.-rub)
    Show case: 13000.- rub (15600.-rub)
    VIP Show case:
    (Bonus: photo of the couple
    in festival booklet)
    26000.- rub (31200.-rub)

    Online registration form for entries

  • Red Bonus Vouchers!!!

    During the Early Bird period, till
    01 February 2017, every couple, participated at “2016 Amazing Vienna”, could use their Red Bonus Voucher 50.- euro  for Entries payment.